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MUET par Manon Roblet 2.jpg

(Chanson electronica)



Wrapped in life blankets, two men wait in a desert of stones.On the shot-on-film photograph that illustrates their first album, Colin Vincent and Maxime Rouayroux represent Muet’s both faces: modular synths, genesis of the creation, enriched by organic drums. With an electroacoustic direction, the musicians are at a breaking point with their previous project, Volin. Textures are renewed and Colin’s pen drapes itself in a highly sensitive existentialism.

Composed during the pandemic, the album emphasises, in a floating thought, the weakness of the human condition facing the alterations its environment is put through. This is what the first song deals with, giving its name to the album. “Le pic de tout” illustrates the shift between a careless time of growing energy and inevitable drop. Facing the pit ahead, it is necessary to give up on artificial paradises to reconnect to oneself. But in this ecological fable where the human kind and the environment are interdependent, the bad weather, wind, thunder, bolts of lightning, waves symbolise obstacles in the solitary pathway of mankind ( “Devant”, “Les Sirènes”).

Is exile really a solution? “Ailleurs” introduces itself as a path full of hope, the hope of meeting again (“Thilda”). Nevertheless, it is filled with melancholy and nostalgia. The dream of being two turns into a fantasy. The sensual “Cinéma”, a cover of Claude Nougaro, becomes obsession. Getting back to reality is an emergency. An electric shock, “Electrochoc”, to wake us up, rekindle energy and recover. In opposition, there is “Le Colosse”, the metaphor of an hungry society that will always aim higher and further but whose clay feet will cause the fall. Under the ruins of this greedy and superfluous civilisation, in this apocalyptic landscape, we will discover “Le Dessous des choses”.

« Le Pic de tout » is explored as an anticipation album built on digital and organic layers and serves an almost science-fictional modern mood that invites to poetic thinking and contemplation.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Colin Vincent’s home studio, “Le Pic de Tout” will be out on November 10th.

Photo : Manon Roblet

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