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Our services

Feral ART offers a large array of services for emerging and established music artists. From managing, to booking, via tour management and event production, Feral ART will leverage your outreach, build your market and help you interact with your public. Artists can focus on their art, while Feral ART will help develop the strategy, the communications and the access to events and venues for the music to live - and to make you live !

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Event production

We provide a trustworthy and open work environment for emerging music artists. Juggling artistic creation and the many administrative and organisational aspects needed for the artwork to go live on the stage can be very challenging. We believe there are many hugely talented music artists in Belgium who deserve an optimal surrounding to reach out to the national and international public. Feral ART also supports our artists on tour, be it in Belgium or abroad.

With our experience involving a broad knowledge of the local and international music scene, we are engaged in promoting our artists to venues, local concert halls, music festivals and other artists and peers. We operate as a booking agency for talented musicians who strive to embody their art live and for the public. We connect our artists, from Belgium and abroad, with national and international programmers all year round.

Our team has a long experience in event organisation and production. Especially for emerging artists, being able to produce their own events and gigs at low financial risk, enables them to develop their first fan base, reach out to media and expand to curious and enthusiastic new followers. Produced events can encompass release parties, small to medium concerts and video productions. Feral ART always ensures that these productions are promoted through media outreach.

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